Modern Life, Uncorked

DecantDC is a lighthearted, chatty podcast, reminiscent of happy hour with your very best girlfriends. Twice a month, Dana and Sarah will cover a topic that affects them and women like them. Dating? Millennials? Demanding to be taken seriously as a lady sports fan? We've got you covered.

Also, we love wine. We may even be considered wine dorks! Dana did a summer internship at a winery in college, where she learned a LOT about the wine industry. She even moonlighted at a local winery in Virginia for a while, pouring wine and talking local grapes. We are definitely happy hour mavens and love to explore DC wine bars - or share a bottle or two at our homes with friends. Dana prefers a bold, spicy red (think Cabernet) to reflect her bold personality. Sarah’s current wine choice is Sauvignon Blanc, crisp and mineral, because it cuts through the daily BS and quenches her thirst.

Join us as we explore more wines that match our topics each week! And don’t forget to check out our cork ratings after each podcast. 



Dana is a self-proclaimed policy nerd, coffee addict, and queen of the awkward moment. Originally from Champaign, Illinois (Go Illini!), Dana first moved to DC in 2011. After attending graduate school in Upstate New York and then moving to Chicago, she re-settled officially in DC in 2015. She is currently a policy analyst. For fun, Dana can often be found sampling wine at Trader Joes, checking out local restaurants with friends, and reading thrillers, paired with a goblet of wine. She lives in central DC with two roommates. 


Following a bucolic childhood in the flatlands outside of Chicago, Sarah moved to the Ohio farmland for college. Several moves later, she has settled in Alexandria, Virginia where she enjoys the rich history of the East Coast and the treacherous reality of cobblestone sidewalks. Sarah’s non-profit work is an opportunity to better the planet—with plenty of vacation time for her insatiable travel bug. Sarah has a penchant for acquiring books she has no time to read, much to her fiance's chagrin. She is equally at home hiking to the top of a mountain as conquering the local happy hour menu.