Episode 6 - What Kind Of Drinker Are You Anyways?

In which Sarah expounds on her love of good bar conversation. From drinking the cheapest beer we could find to exploring our discerning taste in wine, we sure have come a long way since the good ol' college days. Our hosts talk 'adult' drinking habits and make a few recommendations along the way. 

Episode links here:

The Irish Pub (Yes, still on Netflix!)

Wineglasses used to be tiny. Now, the average one holds more than half a bottle.

Green Beer Day (MU) / Unofficial St. Patrick's Day (UIUC)

Einstök Beer (If you find it, drink it. You're welcome.)

Sónar Barcelona

Last Call for Neighborhood Bars

DC Bars: Kimpton Mason & Rook Hotel / The Raven Grill / Bin 1301 (Pic Below!) / 2 Birds 1 Stone

How have your drinking habits changed from early 20s to today? Where is your drinking 'happy place'? Also, send us your recommendations.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! No drinking and driving. Eat some soda bread and take an Uber.

Check out our wine reviews here. Cheers!